One of the absolute worst things about owning a vehicle is fixing it when it decides it wants to stop working on you. Sometimes parts wear out on your ride at the most inconvenient time. Like right before you need to get your emissions done.


I have been in plenty of situations where a car repair bill can set me back quite a bit. Taking a hit to the bank account when the bank account is already suffering is no fun at all. Repairs like this can set many people in Colorado back financially. So if you are one of these people, just know, you are not alone.

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A new bill aimed at people who live on the Front Range of Colorado is in the works that could help give some breathing room when it comes to repairs of vehicles involving emissions. SB24-095 is sponsored by Weld County Senator, Barb Kirkmeyer, and the purpose of the bill is to help reduce Colorado's ozone pollution.


If SB24-095 passes, this could give certain qualified drivers an $850 voucher to qualifying mechanics to repair cars and trucks making them able to pass emissions according to the Longmont Times-Call. If SB24-095 passes, this would give those who are facing economic hardships and drive older vehicles that cannot pass emissions a chance to repair their vehicles and reduce pollution.

The vouchers for the program would be funded through fees collected on Colorado's highway users tax fund and available to residents who live in one of the nine counties in Colorado's Front Range. Major cities on the Front Range include Fort Collins, Denver, and Colorado Springs. See the full SH24-095 bill HERE.

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