Often times your friendships make you feel like a seventh grader,  'do you still like me!?' Say goodbye to toxic friends-- here's 5 ways to tell if you have them.

Relationships Getting Rid of Toxic Friends omgimages
Relationships Getting Rid of Toxic Friends omgimages


  • Do you have a friend that fails to return your calls or texts and when you ask about it they say something like they never check their voicemail or they saw your text, but were too busy and then forgot. It's easy to make excuses for this friend or to understand, but at the end of the day you're going to have to ask yourself how this friendship makes you feel as a whole, not just in the throws of fun.
  • There is that one friend that comes to you for everything. She complains about her job, her life and/or her partner... pretty standard, hey what are friends for?! But does she hear you when you try to work it out with her or does she pile on the excuses when you offer solutions or ideas? This friend may need to be put on the back burner till she figures her 'stuff' out.
  • The Queen of Artificial Power, this is the friend that has to gossip about everyone, all of the time. Now of course all people talk about people in one way or another, but this friend almost feeds off of the information she collects and almost uses it as a weapon or a way to be superior to the group. This one needs a mirror so that she can see her own crap.
  • This is an all-time favorite kind of friend, the one that always corrects you, cuts you down, puts you on the spot and in general cares more about herself than you. If you wouldn't act this way towards her, why are you letting her do this to you and still call her friend. Sometimes we have bad days and lash out at our close friends, this though is different, this is the person that seems to suck your energy and joy by cutting you down.
  • Lastly, Chicken Little... This friend is never happy and always has the worst problems of anyone "oh you just don't understand... he... it.. my mom..." everything is so messed up and the couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel if they were standing on the sun. For this person is the world is a mess and everyone is a thief, idiot or worse. Surely the sky is falling and no one but her knows it. (BTW....DO NOT try to reason with this person, delete their number from your phone, that is until the sky really does start to fall, then you can hide out in their underground bunker, as they will likely have one)



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