Let's face it, not everyone can be home for the holidays.

Christmas is a special time of year. Typically we are gathered with the ones we love sharing a meal, gifts, laughter and more. However, not everyone can get together on Christmas Day as scheduling can be a pain or, truth be told, travel is just way too pricey. If you are home alone (pun not intended) on this day, it's OK to feel sad. Trust me, I've spent this day alone before and have found ways to make it better.

Here are five ways to do Christmas by yourself.

1. Take people up on their offer

First off, if anyone has extended an invitation for you to join them for Christmas, do it. It will only feel odd and uncomfortable if you let it. In my experience, when someone invites me to Christmas it is because they care about me like family. You should also remind yourself that it is not a pity invite and they aren't doing it out of obligation. So if you get an invite and you're unsure, put on some real pants and go.

2. Make or order your favorite meal

Food is such a big part of our lives through our experiences and memories. Making something that reminds your of home or something that allows you to indulge in a way you don't usually do can be quite therapeutic. Now, I'm not telling you to drown your feelings in a gallon of ice cream. I'm telling you to do something special for yourself.

3. Pamper yourself

I love a good spa day, but that may not be available at an actual brick and mortar on a day like today. Instead, create your own spa oasis in your home. Light candles, draw a warm bath, use the good bath oils and salts, and put on some relaxing music. Allow yourself to relax and escape for an hour or two.

4. Have a movie marathon

Queue up a stack of movies that you love. They don't have to be Christmas movies, but that certainly wouldn't hurt. Not only will this allow you to escape, but it will also pass the time. Plus, do you know how many movies I have that I would love to watch, but can't find the time? Today is the perfect excuse to just camp out on the couch and watch them all. Heck, I say you should build yourself a fort just like you did as a kid.

5. Volunteer

This is an easy way to bring us back to gratitude. We can get caught up in all of the gift-giving, stomach-stuffing, over-indulging parts of the holiday. But when you spend time serving those who need it most, it can be a humbling experience. It may even leave you feeling more fulfilled than unwrapping presents.

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