It's been one of those seasons that have made Avalanche fans across Colorado cover their faces with paper bags. And it isn't getting better any time soon.

As I write this story, the Avalanche sit in the NHL with the least amount of points out of any team in the league with 30 points total.

Yes. 30 points with the season more than halfway done.

Need a comparison to another team to see just how bad that is? You don't have to look any further than another team positioned in the Western Conference, the Arizona Coyotes. When the Avs look up, Arizona is the next team that they see with 40 points. With the way Colorado has been playing this season, I don't see them even gaining ground on them!

I had a chance to look at Instagram this morning to see how Avs fans are releasing their anger in picture form, but what grabbed my attention the most was the different memes you see focused on our beloved (or once beloved) NHL team.

Which one of these memes do you think describes the season the most for Colorado?


(I'll admit that the Avs definitely don't look or play like a real NHL team, and they should let Iginla go somewhere that he can play actual hockey)


(This meme shows exactly how much of a laughingstock this team has become in the league. They're so bad, they have their own category!)


(I know. This isn't a meme. But it will be hard for them to drop the "crapalanche" name after this season)


(This may be the biggest understatement of the year for the Avalanche)


(This may be the year that this banner would be hung from the Pepsi Center rafters)

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