I am counting down some of my favorite moments of my career here at K99 as I get ready to ride off into the sunset on January 25 after the Habajeeba Show at the UCCC. I have had the greatest career anyone in radio could dream of and have had many memorable moments and I am enjoying sharing a few.

I have been a Chris LeDoux fan for decades and for good reason. Chris was a true gentleman,  a real cowboy, a real family man and one hell of a performer. I had the pleasure of working with Chris several times in my career and a couple of those encounters really stand out. I can remember back in the early 90's, maybe even 1991, when we brought Chris in for a concert for the Special Olympics that were taking place at CSU. This was right before he hooked up with Garth and did not have a major label recording deal yet. He was so gracious and kind and that crowd went nuts. I can still hear the sound of thousands of athletes chanting "Chris LeDoux, Chris LeDoux". That was my first real experience with the man.

Years later, we were publishing our own K99 Country magazine and I had an interview scheduled with Chris to talk about his new song "Tougher Than the Rest". He actually stopped by the studio here at 600 main in Windsor and sat down for a face to face interview. He was so kind. I will never forget one particular quote. I asked Chris why he chose to record "Tougher Than the Rest" and his response has stuck with me ever since. Chris told me that he thought it was a "manly love song. I like singing a more manly kind of love song. I am not really good at singing about things all covered in syrup and flowers." I have loved that quote ever since. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of my career Chris. You are missed, loved, appreciated and always remembered.

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