I am reliving some of my most vivid, fun, odd or important moments of my radio career as we countdown to my departure on January 25. I have less than 40 shows to go and I am sure going to miss being on the radio with you each day. I thank you again for giving me a life that is beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Here is memory number 5 and know that these are coming out in no particular order at all.

We used to have a bus here at K99. We owned it and we used it to take party buses to concerts around the area back in the 90's. We had a lot of fun times on that bus and some that were not so much fun too...like this one.

We were taking a bus load of winners up to Estes Park for the Rooftop Rodeo Concert back around 1990 or 91. I remember because my daughter was just a baby and I had to bring her along on this trip. Back in the early days I had to take the kids with me on a lot of work events because we were a young couple with no family or friends around the area and had to just take the kids to work with us a lot and they would have to learn how to grow up on the job.

When you get a group of people on a bus going to a concert there is a strong chance that a person or two may have over-served themselves at some point and that certainly happened on this trip. I remember keeping my eye on this particular butt-head who was plastered and making a fool of himself. I was just waiting for him to do something stupid and he did. He went staggering through the bus, even though we had asked for all to stay seated at the time, and he drunkenly fell on top of my baby daughter. This brought out the protective dad in me and I was already fed up with this dude. I jumped on top of him in the aisle of the bus when a friend of mine grabbed my arm and stopped me from busting this guy in the face. He help my arm back and said "he ain't worth it and this would look really bad for you if you bust him up." I help back, got up and walked away to another part of the bus. That is the only time I have been that close to busting someone in the jaw while working that I can remember in all my years here. I am grateful to the friend who stopped me from drilling that moron. I am not sure I was allowed to host any more party buses after that night. I would wanting to hit just one guy in 30 years is pretty good.

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