It's a tribute to honor those who came, touched our hearts and had to move on. A happy time of gathering with others, other families, friends and neighbors. Although it is very touching and can have moments of sadness, I say happy because it's just a night to remember together some of the greatest parts of us. To be surrounded by love and understanding.


There have been far too many sons and daughters taken in the most recent years. This tribute is a calming way to honor the people the gifts that they were while they were here, even for only a brief moment. For Mothers and Fathers who have had their child or children taken a few years ago or longer this is an event that surrounds them with other parents, friends and family because as the world quickly moves on around you and people fade away you because you're too depressing to be around or a constant reminder that the world can turn upside down occasionally and change the course of time as we have known it, some people are creeped out by that and would rather just stay away. This tribute brings everyone together to honor those who have passed on and to celebrate their lives as a community.

  • 4:30 pm Perinatal Loss
  • 6:30 pm Child Loss
  • Fort Collins Senior Center 1200 Raintree Drive Fort Collins
  • Special Music (including 'Ashley's' song, sung by my son Zachariah and his childhood friend Billy Hawker of ZDB)
  • The Lighting of Individual Candles
  • A Touching Slideshow

I hope that you can make it, every child should be remembered and loved forever. Happy Holidays!

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