Those in Cheyenne are quite familiar with the world's largest steam locomotive, Union Pacific's Big Boy No. 4014. So in the capital city, we're no strangers to our trains, especially being such the hub we are to this day. But an old video made its way onto TikTok about a month ago. And since, the video has gone viral, showing a 'steam locomotive pulling a relatively modern container train' as it passed through the tracks of Cheyenne.

The video that has made its way onto the social media medium is over 30 years old as it was recorded in 1990. As told in historical story form through the video, the locomotive is Union Pacific's Challenger Class No. 3985, and is pulling a 143 car train that is completely loaded up with containers.

Have a look at the impressive video for yourself...

The video was posted by Sir Train Tok Man, who has over 65,000 followers on TikTok. Since being posted on January 4th of this year, the post has now gained more than 48,000 likes on the social media medium. The post has also been commented on more than 1600 times. Not just train enthusiasts are commenting on the video either. Most viewers are just impressed by the sheer power of the steam locomotive fronting the load.

The video also gives a history lesson of the Union Pacific Challenger No. 3985. According to the video, it was built in 1943 in Schenectady, NY by the American Locomotive Company (ALCO). The locomotive would be retired in 1959 before being restored in 1981 as part of Union Pacific's steam program.

It's not everyday that you see a 32 year-old video taken around Cheyenne that goes viral. Especially one with a history that we understand so well in the capital city. Who knew a history lesson about a locomotive coming through the Cheyenne area could be enjoyed by so many others?

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