Rarely do I see cars turn off their engines while waiting for the train. Yet, there is a sign right there implying not to "idle". Idling is running the engine when you're not going anywhere. There are three great reasons to turn your car off at the train. Car exhaust is harmful to our health, idling pollutes the environment and idling wastes money. According to edf.org "idling for just 10 seconds wastes more gas than restarting the engine." So next time you're going to be sitting in your car for a little while, turn off the engine.


According to fcgov.com/breatheeasy/:

Car Exhaust Is Harmful To Human Health

Just one minute of idling puts more carbon monoxide into the air than smoking 3 packs of cigarettes. Idling fumes are linked to asthma, decreased lung function, cardiac disease, cancer and other serious health problems, and according to the EPA, diesel exhaust contains both very small particles and 40 chemicals that are classified as “hazardous air pollutants” under the Clean Air Act. Plus, most people don’t realize that exposure to many air pollutants is much higher inside their cars than along the roadside. Inside a vehicle, the carbon monoxide levels can reach up to 7 times the outside air level, according to the International Center for Technology Assessment.

Idling Wastes Money

The average driver wastes 1 to 2 tanks of gas each year from idling. Not only is it a waste of money, it’s hard on your vehicle. Idling can lead to expensive repairs. For example, it can cause oil contamination due to residue build-up on the cylinders; Corrosion caused by excessive condensation collected in the exhaust system; And, decreased peak engine operating temperature due to spark plug residue.

Idling Pollutes The Environment

Did you know? Only five minutes of idling each day emits 25 pounds of air pollution and 260 pounds of carbon dioxide each year, contributing to global warming.


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