CSU’s new on-campus stadium is ruffling a lot of feathers, for sure. This Friday, local farmers will be coming together to show THEIR distaste for the 36,000-seat project.

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During the three years since the announcement, a lot of folks have come out against CSU dropping $220M to build a new on-campus stadium, slated to host the first Rams game in the fall of 2017. “It costs too much”; “There’s not enough room in the city for a stadium!”; “It will disrupt traffic too much”; “Hughes Stadium is fine”; “We don’t need no #$^% stadium!”

Within all those reasons we’ve heard, I don’t think we’ve heard from this particular group: On Friday, local farmers will be at the CSU Oval to protest the stadium. Anywhere from 20 to 500 folks will come out to have their voices heard, as they are out to protect the land that the stadium is supposed to sit on.

Considering that CSU was originally an agricultural-focused university, and does continue in that endeavor, they have point; but where the stadium is going to be built isn’t open farmland. So, what exactly are they protesting?

Maybe when the new stadium opens (stopping the construction doesn’t seem likely), this group can see that CSU uses the area that’s now home to Hughes Stadium can be set up for farming and agriculture?

It will be interesting to see how many people congregate on Friday. The protest at The Oval starts at 10 a.m.

 [Source: Coloradoan]

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