The snow came and went pretty quickly but wow, did it ever leave an impression in Denver this morning.

Sure, there have been much bigger storms that have dropped a whole lot more snow and ice but maybe because it was the first one of the season and it came pretty quickly, could have been the cause for this.


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The Colorado Department of Transportation has already reported multiple crashes along Interstate 70 and 25 early Friday morning. Snow is no longer falling, but the lingering effects of the storm system are impacting travel.



According to the Denver Police Department, vehicles that were involved in the crash are being towed to Lot C at Empower Field.

The Adams County Fire Department also reported a few incidents this morning including this one:


Nothing too crazy up here in Northern Colorado but there were still some issues this morning with some snow and slick roads.

Things are clearing out today while still remaining chilly with temperatures remaining in the 40's before we warm up into the weekend with temperatures around 60 on Saturday and the low 50's on Sunday.

Next week looks to be dry and mild to start before things cool down for the weekend.

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