I love music. I live for it. Music has been my best friend since I was a kid and continues to be today. I can always count on music. It is there for me no matter my mood or attitude. I can always find something to listen to that fits how I am feeling. There are certain artists that have earned the "no brainer" stage for me. Meaning that no matter what they release, I know I will like it.

There are a couple of handfuls of artists that no matter what, I will buy what they release. I don't need to hear a single note of it, I just need to know they recorded it and that is enough to make me buy it. Here are 10 artist whose music I will buy without having to hear any of it first.

Dwight Yoakam - I fell in love with his sound on my first listen to "Guitars, Cadillacs" and have bought everything he has put out since.

The Mavericks - This one may seem a bit odd to some but this is my favorite band...period and I have loved every single album they have released. Raul Malo may be the best vocalist on the planet.

George Strait - I really don't have to say a thing about this choice. No one has consistently put out great album after album like George. I have more George in my collection than any other artist by far.

Aaron Watson - The king of the Texas country scene is one of favorites. I have enjoyed every single song this guy has done. If it's Aaron Watson...it's country

Eric Church - Look up "cool" in the dictionary and you will see this guys picture. No one loves his fans and leaves it all on the stage like Eric Church. I have more respect for this guy than anyone in the business. He grows with every single album.

Gary Allan - "Smoke Rings in the Dark" is still one the greatest albums of all time in my mind and he makes nothing but great music. His California cool just oozes out of your speakers I have his entire collection and will buy anything he records.

Brandy Clark - I am totally in love with this woman's music and style. I don't think there is a better songwriter on the planet and her vocals are unmatched. If you haven't discovered her music yet...do it.

The Cadillac Three - I feel like these guys are my lost brothers. I look like I could be in the band and their sound makes me move and feel and sing along like no one else. Love these boys.

Garth Brooks - Garth is still making amazing music. He left us and then returned and has made two killer albums since his comeback. If it says "Garth", I am buying it.

Keith Urban - Keith has just gotten better and better with each album. His last album "Ripcord" was his best yet and that is saying a lot. I can't wait to hear what is next and I promise you I will buy it before I even have to hear it...just like all the artists listed above.


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