Dances with the Wolves, Field of Dreams, and Bull Durham are classics and have made Kevin Costner a full blown movie star. You probably also know about the politics he is involved in, the real life love he has for baseball, and maybe about the casinos he owns, but did you know that he can sing too? Not only can he sing, but he is in a country music band that has a record deal and tours!

Kevin Costner and Modern West formed in 2007 with the encouragement of Costner's wife Christine. Universal Records signed the band and they released their debut album in the fall of 2008. The album reached #61 on the charts, but none of the three singles ("Superman 14", "Long Hot Night" and "Backyard") ever made the chart. In 2010 the band released it's second album in Europe, and had great success with it there. The album made the charts in numerous European music charts, and the the European tour to support the album was a huge success too.

Here is a sample of what Kevin Costner and Modern West have to offer...

Kevin Costner and Modern West will be opening up the Darius Rucker show at Cheyenne Frontier Days on July 28th. K99 is the official Party Zone host for the show, and we hope to party with you Kevin and Darius! Get more info here, and your tickets here.