All this time you thought that the fridge temperature was off, that the grocer sold you old food or someone did something wrong. Now it may be as simple as the way you are storing your food.

Food Storing it Wrong is Wasting Money D Dennison


  • Don't store your nuts in the pantry, their natural oils will spoil and make them bitter. In a storage bag in the fridge they can last up to a year
  • Eggs, store them on the middle shelf, not in the door. The temperature in the door changes too much and creates an unhealthy enviroment
  • Your Whole Wheat Flour will only last up to three months in the pantry, store it in the freezer for longer life
  • Refrigerate ground flaxseed up to 90 days, but buying whole and grinding as needed will give you a pantry life of up to a year
  • Keep your potatoes in the pantry, but not near a window, in the fridge or under the sink. A cold place will make the potatoes discolor and taste sweet and a warm spot will encourage sprouting
  • Tomatoes, what's your guess? On the counter, the fridge sucks their flavor
  • Onions like a paper sack in the pantry. Place them in the fridge for 30 minutes prior to peeling and cutting to reduce "onion tears"
  • Here's one that wouldn't be guessed, cucumbers, store them on the counter. the cold from the refrigerator may cause them to spoil faster, but keep them away from bananas and tomatoes
  • Celery likes to be wrapped in foil, that lets the gases out, plastic traps the gases and makes for limp celery

Hope this helps! Now go check the fridge and pantry, it's time to save money!