The Worlds Largest Yard sale is happening today from 7 a.m. to to 3 p.m. at the Outlets in Loveland. It got me to thinking. My wife and I have bought some really cool stuff at yard sales over the years. I took some pictures of my "Top 5 Yard Sale Buys".

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    Guitar Salt & Pepper Shakers

    A little known fact about me is that I collect salt and pepper shakers. I have well over 200 pairs. I inherited most of them from my grandma, who had several hundred in her collection, but over the past couple of decades, many of my shakers were purchased from yard sales. These plastic guitar shakers complete with elastic strings are among my favorites.

    Photo by Todd Harding
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    Metal Tub

    We bought this metal tub at a yard sale as a "decorative piece". It just thought it looked cool. It sits on our doorstep and hides our watering can. During the holidays we fill it with pine cones and ornaments and lights. It really is quite festive! The rusted out metal tub is #4 on my list.

    Photo by Todd Harding
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    Westinghouse Record Player/Radio

    I went through a phase where I collected antique radios, but eventually ran out of places to put them, so I had to stop. This is a Westinghouse record player/radio. We still store our old LP's in the bottom of it. Even though the record player doesn't work anymore, it's still one of my favorite things I have ever bought at yard sale.

    Photo by Todd Harding
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    Zenith Wood Tube Radio

    This Zenith wooden radio still works, but I am scared to plug it in. It sits on top of our piano in our living room and was almost #1 on my list. I just love it. They don't make radios like this anymore. I kind of feel guilty for getting it so cheap at a yard sale...but not that guilty!

    Photo by Todd Harding
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    Solid Oak Antique Buffet

    #1 on my list was really purchased at a yard sale. We had a friend who was going to sell the buffet at our yard sale and we wouldn't let him. We bought it before the yard sale ever started. We put a sold sign on it and had several people come back several times and offer us several hundred dollars for it, but we wouldn't take it. It will stay in our family forever. Plus it it is where we store our cookbooks and place-mats.

    Photo by Todd Harding