There is no doubt that I have spent my life on the plus and minus side of the scale. I have enjoyed food and h-a-t-e-d my love for macaroni and cheese. But the one thing that I have found through the years, is whether I have a  slight double chin or my American Indian cheek bones are defined, I am who I am. Now, I may not look as good in pictures and may only see my faults at times, but again, I am always me.




I found this great article today and thought, I have to share this with you. It points out some very true thing's that we don't see because we're too busy being hard on ourselves.


  • Everyone has rolls when they bend over
  • When people say that you are gorgeous, BELIEVE THEM
  • Arm flab is only embarrassing to the jack butt that said it, most people have a little waving flab
  • You're not stunning despite your body, you're stunning because of your body
  • A guy can pick you up off your feet and not break his back
  • You don't need to exercise everyday to feel better about yourself
  • You're allowed to fall in love with yourself

As we stumble through the new year and try to say no to Cheetos and Alfredo Sauce, remember that it IS important to be healthy, but you don't have to be a rail to be healthy and you don't have to be a rail to be loved, especially by yourself.

Happy New Year and Happy You!