Todd Harding, TSM

The 32nd Annual Wine Fest to benefit Disabled Resource Services is Friday night at the Hilton Fort Collins. My beautiful wife Jenny and I will be attending. She is my designated drinker, so she knows a whole lot more about wine than I do.  Jenny came up with her top five favorite wines.  You may be surprised by some of her choices.

Take it away Jenny:

I don't proclaim to know anything about wine, other than I know that I like it. Well, I should say I like certain wines. Todd has been hosting non-profit benefits for years and I generally go with him. Some of the benefits include wine tastings, this is a great way to sample and find ones that you really like. Plus you get to wear a dress.

You might notice that my list does not include any reds. There is a reason for this...maybe some of you have had a similar experience. Years ago very good friends of ours, Ann and Wim, had us over to their house. They had just been to wine country and brought back mostly reds. We opened more than a few bottles that night. My friend also smokes, as did my dad at the time, so when she lit one up I asked her to give it to me so I could figure out why they like to smoke. Two cigarettes and numerous glasses of red wine later, and I still to this day cannot drink red wine. And no, I did not take up smoking either!

As a result of attending various wine tastings I have discovered a few things. I like white wine, BUT not chardonnay, Blech! I love dry champagnes, rieslings of any kind, pinot grigios, sauvignon blancs, and my new love is moscatos. I have tried to learn about the grapes, and the legs, and the nose, but really it just sounds like blah, blah, blah to me. But, if it tastes sounds like yummmmm.

Here is my list:

  • #5 Sauvignon Blanc - I am still looking for a favorite and hope to find it at Wine Fest this Friday evening.
  • #4 Segura Viudas Brut - This Spanish sparkling wine is a favorite for me and my mom. I like sweet wine, but I don't like sweet champagne. I love that you don't have to spend a lot for a great champagne.
  • #3 Moscato wines - They are great for sipping on the porch swing on a lazy summer afternoon. I haven't met a moscato I didn't like.
  • #2 Kung Fu Girl Riesling - This is a great Riesling out of Washington State, and no I don't love it just because I was born there. I have been told this Riesling is a best seller here in Colorado.
  • #1 No laughing! Yes, my number one is Franzia Crisp White in the box. Since I am the only drinker in the house this stays fresh and ready to fall into my glass when I get home. This is a very nice every day wine.