Hard to believe that a Super Bowl wouldn't sellout but it did happen, once. Will the 2014 game be sold out? Most likely so, but who knows?

Probably not hard to figure out but it was the first Super Bowl in 1967 (Packers beat the Chiefs 35-10) that never sold all the seats. In fact, around 30% of the seats for that game were empty.

So is it possible that perhaps this year's Championship might see empty seats?  I find it hard to believe the game is not sold out already but it's true.  In fact, most ticket brokers are having a hard time trying to unload premium seats for face value being told by many of their clients they just don't want to go, much the same as it was in 2002 (Patriots beat the Rams 20–17) and that was in a dome!

My guess is still no way. I think all the seats will be sold (even at face value) but if brutal weather sets in, we might see some empty seats. That being said, we have seen many teams fill their stadiums in brutal weather for games that meant very little.  So ultimately, my guess is the place will be 'sold out' by game time and no matter the weather, packed to the gills, it is the Super Bowl after all.

In closing, some interesting facts:

  • More food is only consumed on Thanksgiving than on Super Bowl Sunday
  • 30 Second ad this year cost $4M
  • We'll watch almost 60 minutes of commercials
  • This is the 6th time two teams West of the Mississippi have met in a Super Bowl
  • 1600 workers will be on hand Sunday to shovel snow if need be
  • Ebay is listing a 30 person Suite currently with bids over $500,000 (includes food)
  • Halftime performers make $0
  • Only the third Super Bowl where animal mascots have faced off
  • Howard Sterns wife will host the first 'Kitten Bowl' on the Hallmark Channel
  • Both team mascots were created in 1999; 4 months apart from each other
  • Ticket price in 1967, $12; 2014, $2600
  • Super Bowl I carried by two networks (CBS had the NFL an NBC had the AFL rights)
  • Both Denver and Seattle are identical in population
  • 'Frasier' was supposed to have taken place in Denver but they opted for Seattle
  • There will over 500 Police Officers on duty
  • There has never been a shutout or an overtime game