I realize each day that I am getting older. I am reminded of it each time I get a new coworker who is the same age or younger than my children. It seems odd taking orders from someone whose diaper you could have once changed. The younger ones all feel they are more fit and strong then the old out of shape guy but I warn you....fear the old man strength.

You have probably heard the term "old man strength" before but laughed it off. Toby Keith's "As Good As I Once Was" is a very true tune. I may be older and slower in the long run but I still have a good game in me if I need to play. If you pick a fight with a middle aged man you aren't just going to represent yourself, you will be so much more. You will be the boss who screwed me at work, you will be the dirt bag boyfriend of my daughter, you will be the guy who messed with my wife, you will be the dude who took my promotion, you will be the banker who turned down my loan, you will be the politician who passed legislation that effected my income. You will be all the things that have made me angry. Keep in mind that an older dude accumulated a more carbonated can of whoop butt. This was a public service announcement. Grandpa's rule! Here are a couple of my favorite "don't mess with me" songs.