According to a research study in the Scientific American it all comes down to glucose. Imagine that, glucose.


Obviously I play music and talk for a living and am not incredibly scientific, I rely on my husband for any scientific explanations in life as engineer he loves the arts and sciences and understands each aspect very well. But I did find this explanation, in American Scientific very understandable and basically cool in relation to how we think and manage our thoughts in cold weather verses warm weather.

Basically, I'll give you the cliff notes, in warm weather we use more glucose, our bodies activity level is higher and requires more glucose/sugar to function. In cold weather months, with lower activity levels, we use less glucose. Additionally it takes far less glucose to warm our bodies than to cool them.

Effectively what this eludes to is that in the summer months our body is "hogging up" all of the glucose that we eat and drink, leaving less for our minds to function clearly. Essentially, in the summer months you are more likely to buy a lotto ticket, date that guy you said you'd never or eat a whole bag of Doritos.

How does this all figure into winter driving us crazy, glad you asked. Winter has the ability to drive us crazy because our brains are getting more glucose, allowing us to think more clearly. How does that drive us crazy? Well, when we have more clarity we think things through more effectively. We come up with ideas and notions and are much more aware of our surroundings... We are trapped with limited physical opportunities because of the cold weather and snow, while our minds are racing with wild excitement.

The way I see it this means that we should eat less sugar, carbs, and candies in the winter months and more in the summer, another reason to dislike winter. I'll grab the Doritos and Donuts and meet you at the door of summer. (I can hear my James' voice in my head saying that we could work out more in the winter months, yea right who are we kidding)