I have a love/hate relationship with my dogs. I love the fun they can be but they can drive me nuts with the barking, puking, pooping and disobeying too. It's an even trade. I complain about them but would be lost without them. I do have one huge peeve about my pets though and wonder if it's just me.

I hate going into the bathroom to do my business and sit right onto a wet toilet seat. I

Brian Gary, TSM

understand they get thirsty but there are always a couple bowls of fresh water in the kitchen waiting for them. Why must they drink from the toilet. They will drink and then slobber all over the toilet seat. Sitting down on a wet seat is one of the most unappealing feelings you could have. I came to the room to avoid wetting myself and then they do it for me. I am pretty sure it is Chevy, my min pin/pit bull mix, who is the guilty one. The pugs may be too short to get up to bowl, unless they are getting a boost from Chevy, which I really can't rule out. They can talk him into anything.

What do your dogs do that drive you nuts?