Today started very strange for me. My alarm went off at 2:45 am as usual. I got up and started to walk out of my bedroom when I heard the dogs going crazy at the front door. I then heard a knocking at the door. I opened to find a young lady standing there with a hand held Oreck vacuum and a basket of what looked like cleaning supplies. She reeked of alcohol and told me that she was trying to escape a man who lived up the street that she said she was cleaning for and that the situation had turned, as she said, "weird".

I was quite nervous because you never know what is going to happen when you open your door at 3 am but I am not one to leave a woman who needs help helpless. What was a drunk woman doing cleaning a guys house at 3 am? She had a phone with her but claimed it was dead. She asked to use mine to call someone to pick her up. I brought her my phone and then she said she couldn't remember anyone's phone number to call. I then said we should call the police. She asked me not because she had a warrant out on her. That did not make me any more comfortable, that is for sure. Warrant out or not, no woman should be fearful of a predatory male. I stayed out front with her as she said she had seen him drive by the house. I waited to see if I could confront the guy. I have no problem handling a man who mistreats women but I never saw a car. I was confused by the whole story so I asked her to tell me again. I said "I know you have been drinking.." she interrupted me and said "yes I have been drinking so what! In fact you are really rude. You have been rude since I got here." I said "Rude! I am trying to help you. You knocked on my door at 3 am and I am standing outside with you trying to find out what you want me to do. How is that rude?" She then said she was sorry for saying that and said she would go find another house to help her. I saw her start to walk down the street and I jumped on my phone and called 911. I figured if she had a warrant, at least jail would be safer if she was being stalked. I waited outside until I saw the police come and pick her up. I am grateful to the Greeley police for being so prompt. They were there in minutes and then called me to let me know that she was safe and in their protection. What a strange way to start a day.