The Broncos have had a great season. I know it won't mean anything to most fans unless they make the Super Bowl but it has been amazing what the Broncos have overcome this year. They finished with a 13-3 record, tied for the best in the NFL with Seattle. I think Seattle, New England and others are getting much more respect than our Broncos. It seems everyone is busy pointing out how the Broncos can be beat and forgetting about what a season they have had.

The Broncos set a record for points scored, Peyton set records for yardage and touchdown passes. They have done all of this while missing 2 All Pro defensive stars in Von Miller, who was there for a couple games, and Champ Bailey, who played about the same. We lost our top pass rusher to free agency in Elvis Dumervil and lost our top offensive lineman, Ryan Clady, to injury at the beginning of the year. Throw in missed games by Wes Welker and TE Julius Thomas due to injury and Coach Fox had to have heart surgery and miss several games. In spite of all the adversity, they had a record breaking season. Pretty darn amazing!

I have total confidence the Broncos are going to big game this year. What do you think? Take the poll and let me know how far you think the Broncos will go this year.