This is Super Bowl week for me. I have achieved many things in career but creating the 28 Hours Of Hope is the greatest thing I have been a part of. I was fortune to be raised by the most wonderful parents a child could ask for so I cannot imagine the horror of child abuse. I feel every one of us were put on this earth for a purpose and Todd and I feel we were put here to help children and give them a voice.

There is nothing more precious than a child and to think that there are people who are not treating them with the care, love and encouragement they deserve makes me sick. I want to do all I can to help. We have 3 organizations that we believe really help. Namaqua Center in Loveland, A Kid's Place in Greeley and the Larimer County Child Advocacy Center. We do our best each year to keep their doors open to help those who need them.

I am honored to do this event because we serve as a vehicle for the great caring folks of northern Colorado to do what is in their hearts and give. People want to help they just don't know where to give. We take care of that for you. I look forward to interviewing 40 or 50 country music stars who care. I look forward to making a difference in lives of children who need us. I look forward to having a 48 year old adult share their story of how they were abused and just now feel comfortable enough to talk about it and free themselves. I look forward to seeing children coming in with their piggy banks full of change and giving it to other kids so "they won't hurt no more". I look forward to seeing the school kids who spend the day and evening standing on the streets raising money for other kids. I look forward to the feeling of Friday morning and experience all the love and caring that comes pouring out. I wish I could bottle that up and let every one in the world feel it. It is pure magic. I am proud of where I live and am proud to be in country music. We make a difference. Thank you for making the 28 Hours of Hope part of you life as well.