I am Brian Gary and I believe in prayer. I am not an overly religious person, in fact I tend to think there are more hypocrites in organized religion than just about anywhere. I cannot stand hypocrisy. I have seen too many people who show up for their one hour of church and feel a sense of superiority. I prefer to keep my relationship personal and one on one. I have a great relationship with my God and we talk a lot. I drive to work each day in silence but have an active dialogue in prayer. I pray for strength and understanding for the day ahead and to handle whatever comes my way. I also pray for those I know are in need of help. I also say thanks for the gift of a new day. I do this because in my experience prayer works for me.

I have had too many instances of prayers being heard to have any doubt left in me. I try to be strong and handle things on my own but there have been many instances where it has been too much for me and had to hit my knees and ask for help. I find it amazing how after that happens I will get a call from dad or an old friend who says, " I was just thinking about you and wondered how you are." I don't think that is a coincidence. I had a situation just the other week. I live paycheck to paycheck and was in a bit of financial pinch. It was the day before Thanksgiving and I had about $300 less than I thought I had and was a week away from when I was expecting another check. I was so down and broken and wondered how I would get through the holiday weekend. I hit my knees and asked for help  figuring out how to make the best of my situation and find the right frame of mind. It wasn't more than 30 minutes later that the mail truck pulled up and delivered a check I wasn't expecting. I told my wife we just received "prayer mail". I literally cried tears of thanks and gratitude all the way to the bank. I was so grateful. I know it very well could have been a coincidence but I know that someone is looking out for me. I may not always get the answer I am hoping for but I always seem to find some peace and understanding. That is really all I need to get through the day.

We are all free to believe whatever we choose and I respect that to the extreme. I am not here to preach, I am just here to testify that prayer works for me. I know my partner Todd Harding asked the question of whether prayer works in a blog he did earlier in the year while dealing with some serious family issues. Read Todd's story below. Have a great day and Merry Christmas.