Bacon, Bacon...I smell bacon!  It makes the world go round.  In San Francisco though, the neighbors around "Bacon Bacon" are sizzling mad over the constant smell of bacon in their neighborhood.

Bacon Bacon is a restaurant in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury district and serve everything with, in or wrapped in the pork goodness.  But complaints from neighbors' finally got the joint shut down because they were fed up with the bacon smell filling the streets day after day.

I hate to be a complainer but hey, you could smell worse in San Francisco...but bacon?

However, patrons weren't going to take it sitting down and overpowered the neighbors in sheer numbers last Thursday at the City Hall meeting forcing the city to renew the license but making Bacon Bacon agree to improve their ventilation system. Being closed since May, owner Jim Angelus said it's back to business, offering goodies like a bouquet of bacon strips drizzled with maple syrup or I hear the cheese and bacon scones are to die for but if that doesn't do it, how about Grilled Cheese served with Bacon jam!

San Francisco, here I come!