I have sat in silence on this for too long and need to let it out. I am really tired of all the people slamming Taylor Swift. I get more emails and comments from people saying how they hate her than any other artist I can think of. I also get the same amount from fans that love her. I can understand not liking her music but I cannot get a grip on the hatred aimed at her as a person. You may not like her music but that doesn't make her a bad person. She isn't writing songs for the 40-60 year old man or woman, she is writing to her demographic and they understand. George Strait didn't sing "Drinking Man" for the teen crowd he did it for the older demo. There is something for everyone in the format. You can't like it all. I know I could never listen to a whole Taylor Cd but I can say the same about many of the artists I play. I may not like the music but I like the person.

The main argument I hear is that "she ain't country". I can understand the statement but would argue that 70% of what is played on country radio today would not be considered country by traditionalists. I don't get comments of hatred towards Kid Rock, Carrie Underwood or Kenny Chesney when they release a non country sounding song. Have you heard Carrie's "Cowboy Casanova" or "Last Name"? There isn't a lot of country in there either.

As a parent, I can say that I love having Taylor as a role model for young women. She is never in any trouble, conducts herself beautifully, writes her own music and treats people with more kindness than this industry has seen since Garth Brooks. I can totally understand if you don't like her music, that is a matter of taste, but I will never understand the personal attacks. I think when people are so nice and sweet it makes people mad and they feel they need to tear them down because of their own shortcomings they are insecure about. I don't own a Taylor album but I think she is wonderful person. Be sure to join Charley Barnes on Friday afternoon when he broadcasts live from Nashville with Taylor at his side. You will hear just how sweet she really is.