Have you seen this picture today floating around on Facebook?  If not, I wanted everyone to see what blatant disrespect looks like here in America.  Does this woman, Lindsey Stone realize all the deceased soldiers she is mocking died for her too? And that's not the half of it!

Lindsey and her co-workers at LIFE- Living Independently Forever took a trip and one of the stops was at Arlington National Cemetery.  But here is the kicker:

Guess who took the picture...wait for it...wait....it was the CEO of the company she works for.  If this wasn't bad enough, she took this pic before Veterans Day and then left it up through the military holiday.

Here was her comment on her FB page:

This is just us, being the douche bags that we are, challenging authority in general- Lindsey Stone


Challenging authority? Really? At Arlington National Cemetery?

Lindsey made the comment that it was no different than the picture she had taken the night before of her smoking a cigarette next to a "no smoking" sign. No different? That I understand and we have all taken those "innocent" fun pics but when you start thinking ANYTHING at a cemetery is funny that is when I draw the line and this my friends is WAY over the line.

Today I have as much respect for this woman as I do Fred Phelps or Bin Laden!

At the very bottom of this post are two video's you need to see if you are not sure how sacred Arlington truly is. Please watch them.