This was the most shocking election our country has seen. The face of our political landscape has just been changed forever. The people have spoken and a new leader has been chosen. No matter what side you were on, it is time to band together and focus on what bonds us, not what separates us. We must come together as a nation. No leader can do that, us, the people must do it.

One thing most all of us can agree on is that no matter who is in charge of the nation we still bleed red, white and blue. We love our country and the flag that honors it. I have strong feelings about those who disrespect the flag and our anthem. I believe you stand at attention and show did Johnny Cash. I think today is a good day to start fresh and be reborn into the American spirit. Love your country and it's people. Your candidate can't always win but we are all in this together, indivisible. Remember those who made it possible for us to vote and have a say in who leads our country and always respect that ragged old flag...and Johnny Cash.