A Colorado Eagles hockey game turned into a gluttonous food-fest for me over the weekend. My wife and I went to the Eagles/Mudbugs game at the Budweiser Events Center on Saturday night with with some friends! The Eagles won the game 6-1, and everyone in the arena won free food from Wendy's! It happens every game when Colorado scored 6 goals or more! That wasn't the end of the free food!

We all got a free piece of pizza from Little Caesar's just for walking through the door and our section won a free sub from Subway! I almost forgot to mention the tub of popcorn we bought and the large soda and the Dippin' Dots!..and that was after we ate a steak dinner at home!

By the end of the night I felt as swelled up as the guys in the giant Sumo wrestler suits who entertained us at intermission by trying to push around an over-sized beach ball! I was so full I barely had enough energy to "Chuck-a-Puck" at the 2nd intermission!

The hockey was fantastic! The freebies were fabulous! The entertainment was fun and family friendly! There is not a bad seat in the house! I would recommend an Eagles game to anyone!