It rained all night and more rain is on the way, likely mixed with some snow. Boulder could get up to 10 inches in the next two days. Fort Collins-Loveland-Greeley can expect anywhere from a trace up to 5" near the foothills.The heaviest rain and snow is expected this afternoon and evening over most of the Front Range, but snow may continue before the storm moves out late Friday evening.

Mike Kiev

With heavy wet snow comes the threat of downed tree branches and power lines. Our friends at PVREA have shared some important information as follows:

“Spring snowstorms often bring heavy, wet snow that can accumulate on our equipment and cause outages. Springs snows also weigh heavily on tree branches, causing them to weigh into power lines and cause an outage. We have our line crews and staff on alert and are ready to deploy in the event of any power outages,” said Poudre Valley R.E.A. Member Relations Manager David White.

Heavy snow accumulation can oftentimes cause power lines to come down, creating a hazardous situation. Travelers should also be warned should they come into contact with a power pole in an accident, a power line can come down. Any downed power lines should be assumed to be energized and extremely dangerous. Stay away from downed wires or damaged electric equipment. Touching energized wires can lead to injuries and death. If you see downed wires, call PVREA or local law enforcement immediately. If there is a downed power line on or near your vehicle, stay in the vehicle until help arrives.

During an outage, crews work to restore power to the largest number of people first. After transmission and distribution lines are fixed, the Co-op’s crews then fix problems in smaller neighborhoods or problems at individual homes. When there are issues with transmission lines, the co-op’s outage management system also allows engineers to redirect electricity or “back-feed” from other substations to get the lights back on faster.

During outage situations, PVREA members can stay updated by visiting the Cooperative’s Facebook and Twitter pages and website. Outages should be reported by calling the Cooperative at 1-800-432-1012 or through their online account. Additional safety information and storm preparation can be found on the Cooperative’s website at