Ok, get the jokes out here... Actually it is no joke at all, and  has nothing to do with adult entertainment. Breasts of Colorado is an event to raise money for breast cancer patients. Volunteers will have casts made of their breasts. Then artists will paint the casts and the proceeds will raise money for Sense of Security, a Colorado charity that helps people going through breast cancer treatment pay their bills.

The organizers got the idea from other similar events in California and Oklahoma. Now, The Englewood Chamber of Commerce is holding "Breasts of Colorado." There will be two events one on Oct. 3 and the other on Oct. 7.

Men and women of all ages are all invited to get casted. The group already has a number of volunteers getting casts made of their breasts, including Englewood Mayor Randy Penn. The group is hoping to get some more celebrity casts, from T.V. personalities to Denver Broncos cheerleaders and even women in Congress.

If you want more information to volunteer to be casted, or to be an artist for the event please contact the Englewood Chamber of Commerce at 303-789-4473.