George Strait is my country music hero. I have met nearly every artist in this industry but getting to meet George still gives me goosebumps. I have  had the pleasure of getting to meet George 4 or 5 times in my career and each time is something special. I will walk you through what it is like. I remember the meeting him in Cheyenne for the first time. There were a bunch of us in this room waiting for him to arrive. He walked in the room and you could hear everyone breathe in and hold their breath. George looked around and said, in his cool little drawl, "Y'all can breathe now. It's just me".

On Saturday night at the Pepsi Center I got to meet George for one last time. A group of about 25-30 of us were brought into one of the locker rooms in the Pepsi Center. I sat there at one of the lockers pretending I was giving a playoff speech to the team to kill the time. Everyone is just standing there with a look of anticipation and practicing what they will say to "The Man". We sat there for about half and hour when all of the sudden the door opens and there he is. King George is in the house. We all applauded and some bowed in appreciation. George got an "aw shucks" look on his face and flashed that smile. We all walked in single file up to the King to get our 15 seconds with him. You stand next to him and put your arm around him and smile for the photo that the record label takes. You then get to give him something to sign and then you mutter a few words to him as he signs his name. I told him "For the last 30 years you have been the soundtrack of my families life. Your music has made the good times better the tough times easier to take. Thank you for that gift." He smiled really big and said "thank you, that means a lot." I left knowing I was near the one the coolest humans on the planet. The man just oozes cool and charisma. Thank you for all the memories George.

You still have a chance to see George at his final show. Check out the details below.