I recently read a survey that talked about the most irritating or obnoxious things that parents do. As I read through the list I realized that I am guilty of many of these violations. According to the survey the number one irritating parental violation is using the cutesy baby voice. How many parents have been caught using this voice forgetting you are talking to an adult? "Are we ready for a meeting? Who's ready for the itty bitty meeting today?"

Some of the other parental habits that people hate are when we put too many kid related posts on Facebook. Guilty! I know 90% of my post are about my grandson. I won't apologize, he is my life. Other irritants are putting kids on the phone or having them be the voice on your voice mail. Yes, I can see this one being irritating. The rest are, not disciplining your kids when they act up in public, telling everyone how perfect your kids are and making them wear matching outfits. I see this in kids but also adults. Do you shake you head when you see adults in matching jackets or think it's cute. I have always told my friends that if they see my wife and I in matching jackets to please drive by and shoot me. How many of these are you guilty of? When it comes down to it, everyone who is violation of any of these is really only guilty of loving their children and thinking they are the greatest things in the world...as it should be.