Easter Sunday is always a special day for me. This year was even more special because my whole family was here. Maybe its because I am getting older but I tend to cherish these times more than ever. You just never know how many of those moments you have left.

One of the coolest things in the world to me is getting to share Easter Sunday service with my parents. We went to an incredibly uplifting service at the Greeley Wesleyan Church and shared some spiritual tears then back home for the fun.

Getting to watch my grandson hunt for his Easter eggs was so cool. He had 10 of them to find and has found 9. I have no idea where the other egg is but I am guessing the dogs will find it and I will be shopping for a new air freshener soon. Have you ever smelt the aftermath of a pug eating a hard boiled egg? It isn’t pretty.

My dad and my son are two of the biggest golf junkies in the world so we settled in and watched the final round of the Masters. It was such a treat to get to watch it with them. We sat riveted as Bubba Watson pulled out an amazing victory. I think we all teared up a bit when Bubba sunk the winning putt and hugged his caddie and his mom. A special thank you to my wife and daughter who hate golf but put up with the boys being boys.

My mother had brought an 8 pound ham. There were 8 of us. That means a pound of ham each. I woke up this morning with a curly tail and an uncontrollable urge to root in the mud. I think I am sweating a brown sugar glaze.

In a world where we are all so busy all the time, it is important to make sure we make the holidays something special. Make sure you take the time effort to get together with loved ones. The memories and time together are priceless and you will never regret getting to spend that time together. I love my family and wish they were closer. We have a tradition in our family that is a bit sappy. Whenever someone leaves from a visit, we walk them out the door to their vehicle and stand on the front step and wave until the taillights are out of sight. I have done this since I was a child and have never stopped. I promise you that I have welled up every time I do it but it touches me and makes me feel how much I love and appreciate the visit.