What is it that draws me to the biker community?

Ever since I was a kid my father always semmed to be going somewhere on an old honda motorcycle of his. Even though I didn't live with my dad, the stories of the trips he would take or the parades and toy runs he would participate in would always have my ears glued. They were always tales of rugged leather clad bikers and the bond they shared for their love of the open road. Since I was around 8 at the time, I didn't fully grasp what he meant. All I knew was that motorcycles were cool, they made a guy look totally badasses and most important of all ..... chicks dig bikes!

I took my first ride with my old man around the time I was 12. It was then I realized the meaning of "love of the open road." I remember the feel of the wind whipping around me and believing that if I had streched my arms out, I would fly into the horizon. At that time, it was the best feeling I had ever known. It took 21 years for me to get my first. And wouldn't you believe it? Mine was a newer version of the one my dad owned those many years ago.

Since joining the biker community, I have experienced a brotherhood unparalleled. Those preconceived notions society has that every biker is a lawless rebel, for the most part, couldn't be farther from the truth. I have been surrounded by Veterans of every war from the current Iraq/Afghanistan War all the way back to World War II. And everytime it has been an honor to shake the hands of those that defend our country. Being a biker has also allowed me the privilege of taking my right of free speech and love of my country to the front door of the Westboro Baptist CULT. Not once, but twice! A journey I intend to take every year for the rest of my life along side the men and women of Journey 4 Justice. It is an incredible feeling to be surrounded by those that have the same patriotic spirit burning in their soul as I do. It also helps to have 2 guys like Charley Barnes and Brian Gary as an inspirations for the way they say what they mean and mean what they say. None of this would've happened to me if I hadn't heard the call of the road. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Danny Joe TSM

As far as the chicks, yeah my wife and daughters love my bike!