I was reading a story about a couple who got into an argument over singing. It seems that the couple was out drinking and then the guy started singing the song "Thrift Shop" continuously until it was driving the woman nuts. She finally couldn't take it anymore and started choking him and the police had to be called in.

We all have the ability to drive our spouses nuts now and then and sometimes it is the little things that stick with us and drive us crazy. We talked about this on the air and mentioned what our spouses do that makes us goofy.

Brian Gary, TSM

For Susan it was when her husband uses his peanut butter knife and never cleans it off, just leaving it there to harden. For Todd it was his wife's inability to part with any magazine she has ever received. For me it is hanging clothes on doorknobs and laundry piles. We are just lucky our spouses don't write blogs or I am sure they could go on and on about us. What does your spouse do that drives you nuts? Bless their hearts.