You may be what you eat, but what you eat or how you eat may be telling us what kind of person you are. What do your eating habits say about you? Come along with me and let's see if eating fast or separating your food really means anything or if it means everything.



  • SLOW EATERS: can be stubborn and function best in a routine, put themselves first and make the most out of every situation
  • FAST EATERS: has a hard time balancing priorities, puts others first and are great at completing tasks
  • PEOPLE WHO MIX FOODS: a great multi-tasker, but can have difficulty with knowing which task is most important
  • PEOPLE WHO EAT FOODS ONE AT A TIME: this eater is task oriented with little flexibility to fit into a situation that is out of their comfort zone
  • CUT MEAT ALL AT ONCE: if you cut your meat all at once you are most likely to be a forward thinker and fit well in the fields of engineering, accounting or computer technology

So, what do your eating habits say about you?