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You probably wouldn't think that Von Miller and my wife, Jenny, have very much in common. After all, he is the reigning Super Bowl MVP and just signed a contract for a whopping $114 million.

My wife has worked in the Microbiology Department at CSU for 22 years and she brings home a slightly smaller salary than #58.  However, it is no secret that my wife has a shoe problem and apparently, so does Von Miller. According to Fox Sports, Mr. Miller has over 800 pairs of shoes and more than 120 pairs of glasses. Jenny falls well short of both of those, but she does have a couple hundred pairs of shoes and she has at least one pair of reading glasses in every room of our house. We affectionately call them Salad Goggles. Let's not even talk about the numerous racks of clothing in our basement.

So, my wife may need to work on her linebacking skills, but she does share Von Miller's love of fashion and if she had the same budget, who knows how big her collection could grow.

Todd Harding, TSM
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