I'm so luck to have wonderful, fun neighbors.  We all live on small 'ranchettes' of 5 to 10 acres. We have horses, barns, and arenas, we play and work hard, but Kimn has the only pool in the 'hood. I made her promise to let me know when I become a pool pest.

Several times a week we girls get together and really do work out.  I found water resistance to be incredibly effective, in other words, my muscles screamed in pain. I  scoop manure from too many horses in my barn every day, I buck bales, and can lift heavy things, but water aerobics are sneaky. You don't feel the workout til the next day.  I could barely get out of bed, but it hurt so good.

Kimn's Husband Robert, Our Cabana Boy

I have volunteered to be our group's stretch and breath and cool down instructor...and to bring cold beer...I love summer!