Ronnie Dunn has struck a chord with a lot of folks across the country with his timely tune- "Cost of Livin'".




And the cost of gas isn't getting any cheaper.

The video Ronnie created for the song features workers from a plant in Tennessee that closed in early 2011.

Check it out--

Our Country News website Taste Of posted a great review of the song in early June-- and Ronnie HIMSELF commented on the post:

Sometimes you just need to stand back and let the song do the work"

How cool is that?

Fans have been posting their comments on his site:

'I've been out of work for 2 years now. My unemployment ends next month. I just keep applying for any job every day. Praying any HR person will see that I would make a good fit. " - Pamela

"Wow, just lost my job and no unemployment!!!! sat down at my computer to look for a job and this popped up...... I don't feel so alone anymore."

It's amazing how many interviews my husband has gone on & they turn him down becuase he's "over qualified." I can't even begin to describe how much this song has touched my heart.- Leslie

Just a few of the comments from people just like those featured in the video:
Are you going through hard times?

Do you think the video represents the song?

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