For some reason this video both strikes me as beautiful and sickeningly sad. According to Buzzfeed, Mark Changaris and his roommates watched water fill their home during, what would become, the most devastating flood in Colorado history. Amidst the destruction Mark pulled out his piano bench and started playing a haunting version of 'Mad World.'

King 5, said that the woman who took and uploaded the video was one of his roommates, here's what she said about the moment:

He loves the home, he's lived there for almost 4 years. He loves the piano. We needed something beautiful amidst the destruction and mud, rocks, and debris. Watching him play was the first time I actually felt sad and heartbroken by the events...

The inhabitants of this house are all safe and staying elsewhere, but they were able to find some good in all the madness.

The community support has been overwhelming, and the silver lining of this whole episode has been to remind me how truly giving people can be and how lucky we are to be surrounded by people we love.

Here you can see the damage done inside the same home.

'Mad World' seems like a fitting song for the moment...

(The song was originally by Tears for Fears, but a slow version like this was made famous by Gary Jules after being featured in the cult classic movie, 'Donnie Darko'.)