Heat. That is the focus of the song and the video.

"Remind Me", off of Brad Paisley's "This Is Country Music" album, is a song about a couple trying to get back the heat that their relationship used to have;  and the video drops them right into the middle of the desert where there's nothing but heat- in a lot of ways-- check it out!

I think this is a great song- and have been waiting for the video for a while now- and I think the waiting paid off.

Very cool.

Not just from the standpoint of getting the two superstars together to shoot the video- but also for the fact that- take a look- they really look like they are alone out there in the middle of the desert!

No signs of any crew members or vehicles at all!

I'm guessing a lot of hours went into the shoot.

Again, I LIKE it!

What do you think?