There are certain tell-tale signs that you are in for a bad day. If the police wake you...bad day. If your wife has your clothes in pile and can of gasoline...bad day. If your cat leaves you a chunk of hairball in your shoe...bad day. Wake up with a contact stuck to your head...bad day.

Why is it that sleep is supposed to be so restful yet we wake up looking like we had the hell beat out of us? Sorry but no one looks good after getting a great nights sleep. I think there are sleep ninjas who come in and mess up your hair, crap in your mouth and then fill it with cotton and drop crust balls in the corners of your eyes. I think most people look they are Gary Busey posing for a mugshot when they wake up.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

I took one of those naps where you wake up and wonder if it's a.m. or p.m. and start going into that panic wondering if you missed work or an appointment. I was started to climb out of bed when I felt something on my forehead. I reached up and there was my contact lens, dried up and stuck to my head grease. I popped it in my mouth and let it moisten up a bit and then stuck it in my eye. I can't be the only one who has mouth moistened a lens after finding it stuck to my head. Has this happened to you? Where have you found your lens or what have you soaked it in to moisten it. I have a buddy who I swear to you would drop his lens in a beer to get it wet again. I have heard of beer goggles but never beer contacts.

Tell me your contact lens horror stories. I know I am not the only one who has been a vision idiot.