The honor of being the flag bearer at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies is huge and I have narrowed my choices down to two.  Who would you vote for?

2010 4-Man Bobsled - Photo by Richard Heathcote, Getty Images

Wow...tough choice.  I have narrowed it down to my two choices and I assure you Shaun White wasn't even in my top 10.

My vote went to 4-man bobsled brakeman Chris Fogt. The Vancouver Games weren't kind as he and their sled were involved in a vicious accident. Chris Fogt, make that Captain Chris Fogt, then spent a year deployed in Iraq after the 2010 Games and now back to make it right in Sochi.  This time is different though because he has been teamed up my 2nd choice who won Gold in 2010, but that's not why he's my 2nd choice.

Although there are only a couple of questionable choices on the list, my other choice would be Steven Holcomb. Holcomb is a fighter too. After overcoming a degenerative eye disease that almost left him blind and severely depressed, he overcame all odds to pilot the 4-man bobsled, 'Night Train,' at the 2010 games in Vancouver taking home the Gold.  He will again be the pilot in Sochi this time with 'Night Train Squared.'   Holcomb will also try and win the first medal since 1952 in the two-man event.

My third choice would probably be Aerialist Emily Cook who broke both ankles before the 2002 Salt Lake City games and literally had to learn how to walk again.

2010 4-Man Bobsled crash with Chris Fogt. Photo by Shaun Botterill, Getty Images