Jenny Harding, For TSM

My wife and I visited my hometown of Holyoke over the weekend for my Aunt Nellie's funeral. As soon as we passed Sterling and got onto Highway 6, I switched into the small-town mode and activated my farmer's wave.

I remember the 1st time I ever took my wife home.  She had never seen the farmer's wave.  I said to her, "Watch this!  The 1st truck we see, I will raise my finger off the top of the steering wheel and the guy in the truck  coming at us will do the same." And he did! She was astounded and claimed it was a fluke, but I did it time after time and I was reciprocated accordingly. If you did that in Fort Collins, someone would think you were giving them the finger.

Sometimes I really miss that small-town attitude. I miss saying hi to everyone you see on the street.  I  miss being able to leave your keys in your car without someone stealing it.  Most of all I miss the quiet.  Sometimes it is so quite on my uncle's farm that it's deafening.  What I don't miss, the dirt roads after a snowstorm.