Cell communications have been sketchy at best since the High Park Fire, so Verizon has come to the rescue- with a COW?

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One of the results of the High Park Fire in Northern Colorado has been the interruption of mobile communications within the area.  Larimer County announced today that Verizon is sending up their C.O.W- Cell on Wheels to Rist Canyon:

....the Verizon Cell on Wheels  ("COW") will be returned  to the upper Rist Canyon area today and hopefully operational by tomorrow. This isn't a silver bullet for the communications problems but certainly will help many. I would like to thank Verizon for working with us on our request and responding so quickly. We will hope another forest fire does not create such a need elsewhere that it will have to be redeployed.

It's just another great example of people helping people after a crisis.  Be sure to join K99 on July 26th at The Ranch for a night of music, gathering, reflection and fun- with Make It Rain!