Valentines Day is only 10 days away, and with the weekend thrown in there twice, it'll be here before you know it! Reservations are a must about anywhere you want to go on this special day, and if you are anything like the majority of men out there you are good at one thing when it comes to Valentines Day, Procrastinating. This day means a lot to almost every woman out there, even if she says it doesn't, so make it special!! Not that I am Dr. Drew or anything, but here are a few ideas that might make February 14th a special day for you and your special lady!

1. Dress Up

Dress up and go out for nice meal. Even if there are no reservations available at the nicest restaurant in town put on some nice clothes and go to the local steak house. Most ladies love to look pretty, and maybe show off that new piece of jewelery they just got! 

2. Get Away

You may think that trying to get away last minute would cost you an arm and a leg. Wrong! Most people overlook bed and breakfasts, and many have openings with Valentines Day specials. We are also very close to many mountain resorts, and plane tickets to Vegas from DIA are very reasonable! Nothing more romantic than a night away!

3. Get A Massage

A relaxing massage is just the thing to get both of you in the mood for Valentine’s Day. Maybe a little pricey, but well worth the cost! Most guys will go out and buy her a massage for a later date, so appointments a readily available at most spas for the big day.

4. Get Outside

Bundle up and go for a walk, maybe find an outdoor ice skating rink, or head up to one of the nearby ski resorts for the day. In my opinion there is nothing more romantic than getting out and being adventurous, and nothing more adventurous than being outside enjoying the cold together!

5. Stay Home Together

If all else fails, if there are no reservations available, or maybe you have no money to spend, stay home for the day. Make a lavish dinner, play games, watch a romantic movie, give "homemade" massages, and just be together on this most loving holiday.

Happy Valentines Day from K99!