Veterans suffering from PTSD can now use marijuana legally to help control their condition. Why would the government approve this?

It all started in Colorado in 2010 when veterans suffering from PTSD fought to have marijuana put on the list of things covered with medical marijuana. After being repeatedly shot down, the United States Government announced this morning (March 18) that they will in fact back the use of marijuana for veterans suffering from PTSD.

Here's an interesting fact many of you probably don't know. Our federal government owns a patent on a drug derived from the marijuana plant. Don't believe me? Click here to see it for yourself. Now why would our government own a patent on a cannabis related drug if it has no medicinal value?  Weird...

Furthermore, did you know that in the early '70s, President Nixon appointed a committee to study marijuana? It was called the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse, and was headed by Raymond Shafer, who was as anti-drug as you could be.

To date, it is still the most comprehensive study ever done on marijuana. What they found out shocked everyone. They all changed their stance, and Shafer told Nixon it should be legal on a federal and state level. Nixon would have nothing to do with it, and kicked the commission to the curb months before the report was to be released. True's on the Nixon tapes; straight from the horses mouth. (Read it here)

This whole weed battle is just absurd to me. There are so many medical studies out there it's ridiculous, and the fact that our federal government owns a cannabis-related patent should at least knock it out of the schedule 1 category.

Even Sonjay Gupta has done a 100% flip!  Gupta did a fascinating report recently on families with kids who have seizure issues from epilepsy and other stuff, and the cannabis plant was the ONLY thing that helped. I don't make this stuff up.

Show me one scientist who will say nicotine or alcohol is good for our bodies. The feds know it has medicinal value (which is why they hold a patent on it) and so do many world-renowned scientists...several even proving it kills cancer cells. Now who in their right freaking mind would not want to look into this?  #blowsmymind!

I am reasonably sure that if your child was having 60 epileptic seizures a day, killing their brain with each one, and all the synthetic prescription drugs you were pumping into your child's system were not working, and you knew you could cut those seizures by 2/3 (or more) by using a 100% natural cannabis product, you'd be standing in line a half an hour before the store opened.

With all that being said, do I think marijuana should be legal?  Yes. Do I believe it's a schedule 1 drug? No. Do I think it has medicinal value? Yes. Do I think it should be highly regulated? Yes, without a doubt.

Dispensary owners should follow under the same guidelines of the manufacturing and sales of alcohol and tobacco. With growing plants comes plant problems; bugs, disease etc., and are controlled with pesticides etc. Growers should have to disclose everything used in a grow cycle, be able to prove it, and the plant should be tested by a neutral source (for pesticides etc.) before being sold just like tomatoes, apples and any other flowering plant that is consumed by humans.