I can hardly believe I will be 50 in a little over a week. Wow, what happened to the last 30 years? In the words of Kenny Chesney, "Dont' Blink."

It all really hit home last week when I walked into my bank to order some more checks and she said if I could wait a couple weeks I could get them for free.  Free I said?  Turns out I get free checks when I turn 50.  Yeah...

Then in the mail last night, I get my AARP membership card.  I don't even know what the hell AARP is but for $16 a year I am a full member don't you know.

So, here are some good perks I get to start cashing in on soon:

  • Free checks
  • Nothing left to learn the hard way
  • My eyes won't get much worse
  • My secrets are safe with friends because they can't remember either
  • My health insurance premiums are finally starting to pay off